Crime Stoppers Auction
July 19, 2019

14th Annual Greater Peoria Crime Stoppers Sports Auction featuring Dan Hampton, Otis Wilson, and Steve McMichael on July 19, 2019

About this Event

The sports auction this year features the Chicago 6 Band that includes Dan Hampton, Steve McMichael, and Otis Wilson. These players will be available for a meet and greet as detailed below:


Ticket to exclusive meet and greet session. (5:30 to 6:30) prior to the auctions with Dan Hampton, Otis Wilson, and Steve McMichael. Quantity is limited.


Tickets to sit at one of these star’s table during the live auction. Very limited number available.


Tickets include LIVE entertainment, soda, beer, wine, food, LIVE and silent auction.

The Greater Peoria Area Crime Stoppers has been a part of the Peoria area since 1982. During that time, tips to Crime Stoppers have led to 3,545 cases being solved, 4,020 arrests being made, 3.65 million dollars in property and drugs being recovered, and over 437,000 dollars in associated rewards being paid.

Our sports auction is the main fundraising event for the Greater Peoria Area Crime Stoppers and continues to be a success. The support provided to Crime Stoppers by businesses, organizations and individual members of our communities has given us the ability to not only maintain current services, but also allow an increase in services we can provide, especially in cooperation with neighborhood associations.

Crimestoppers increases reward offer
February 02, 2017

Announced today, Peoria Crimestoppers will pay a cash award of $5,000 for information that leads to the arrest and charging of a suspect in homicides by gunfire.

The previous award was $1,000. Law enforcement sees this is a big boost.

"This is just a huge opportunity by raising this amount of money to allow us to do our job. And i think this is just going to be a tremendous asset," said Peoria County Sheriff Mike McCoy.

"We do need that help in getting some of these cases solved. We have a large number of cases that, violent cases, that need some assistance. And we're hopeful that these new measures will increase that participation," said Peoria Police Chief Jerry Mitchell.

Crimestoppers scrubs and deletes all emails, phone calls and texts once a tip proves successful.

All awards are paid in cash, including this new $5,000. The number to call if you have a tip is 309-673-9000

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